About me

Welcome to my piece of the Internet, I’m happy having you here!

I’m a Software Developer, Team Leader, Freelancer (ex-freelancer actually), and the author of the book Windows Phone 8 Application Development Essentials. As a freelancer, I finished 30+ projects where I played different roles – from the developer to a general contractor and the responsible for a 10+ team of developers.

At my full time job, I took a part in the development of systems that supports nuclear power plants in being safe and functional, and the systems that main responsibility is to monitor electrical grids. Currently in Hitachi ABB Power Grids, as a developer and a leader of two high performing teams I’m responsible for:

  • Open Source Project – Epiphany, which provided IaaC and helps another products to be Cloud Native.
  • DE Connect, which is based on Epiphany and provides IIoT Data Platform.

While I’m not coding and reading – you can assume I’m playing with my son or housekeeping my mini-wineyard.